Community Outreach to Chinatown, Summer 2012

Posted on August 20, 2012


One of the projects that I have been working on during this summer is  community outreach and social marketing campaign. It is a first-time  experience for everyone in our team: We went to Chinatown every week and tried to approach local pharmacies, doctor’s offices and other healthcare organizations. Our goal is to disseminate our social marketing campaign– B Certain by getting their permission to put up our campaign posters anywhere in their offices/stores so that passers-by or their customers will have a chance to read the posters.

Although it was really hard to get them on broad at the first visit, we managed to put up posters at over 40 local pharmacies/offices after 2 months. We created our one-minute pitch to introduce ourselves and the purpose of our visit.  While we don’t have any monetary incentive for these organizations to participate, we persuaded them in another way, stating that we are all doing this for the Chinese community, and every member in this community should participate and do whatever they can to help raise the awareness. On top of that, we mentioned the super high prevalence of Hepatitis B among Chinese American population and the comparison with the average Americans. After they agreed to participate, we also did follow-up visits to make sure the posters are up and visible to the passers-by or their customers.

From this project, i really learned a lot and gained lots of experience communicating with people and building relationships with local Chinese organizations. And it was also fun as i get to speak different dialects of Chinese, sometimes  in combination with English:)


Tina J.